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Our hardware: Aeroponic growing machine

1. Sensors
- Double components sensor with automatic complementary balance ensures the reliability of the system.
- EC&PH sensors with high accuracy and resolution ensure the stability of the nutrient.
- Multi-dimensional monitoring of nutrient solution and crops growth.

2. Nutrient supply
- Various nutritious liquids solutions fitting to different conditions of the water quality.
- Up to 5 kinds of mother liquids can be prepared.
- Automatic water supply controlled by the solenoid valve.

3. Led lighting recipee
- Full spectrum supplies (380nm-800nm,3000K & 5000K)、660nm and IR 750nm.
- Intelligent adjustable spectrum and brightness to meet the needs of plants in different growth stages.
- Intelligent management of lighting time, with the brightness controller to simulate sunrise and sunset.

Our software and growing techonlogies

1. Aeroponic technology
- Comprehensive cultivation technology which integrates plant nutrition, plant physiology, environmental ecology, agricultural automation,and horticultural crop growing.
- Best roots water-air-supply solution among all the soilless cultivation techniques.
- Three-dimensional cultivation which improves the utilization of greenhouse space.

2. Growing climate simulations
- Simulation of light, temperature, humidity, air pressure, air composition and other enviormental conditions.
- Accurate and stable simulation of all kinds of climate conditions.
- Various possible setup of climat parameters.

3. Cloud technology
- Instant supervision from the cloud for the growing conditions of crops.
- Immediate adjustments after analysis.
- AI technology minimize the input of manpower.

Project consulting service

1. Infrastructure planning
The master planning of functional areas
The spec definition of the plant factory infrastructure
Functional modules installation service
Econ farm configuration service
Operation training service
Long terma maintenance service support

2. liscence application
licence application evaluation
licence application procedures follow-up
lience franchising solution

3. Financial consultancy
Investment ROI analysis
Financial leasing support
Multiple support or collaboration plan at different levels